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Five of Andalucia eight provinces have stretches of coastline (Almeria, Granada, Malaga on the Mediterranean; Cadiz and Huelva on the Atlantic), while a sixth, Seville, has a tidal river and a seaport. So, no wonder why the cooking of the coastal regions is distinguished by a huge variety of seafood. The fish market is a great place to get acquainted with the local catch.
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Tapas were invented in Andalusia. The word means “cover”. In Andalucian wine-making regions, a saucer is customarily placed to cover a glass of wine in order to keep the little fruit flies from swarming in. A tidbit of food placed on the dish helped attract clients to the wine bar, so the cook - usually the owner's wife - would out-do herself to make more and better ones.
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The guide includes a special feature on fiestas and festivals, listings of restaurants, bodegas and tapas bars, bars, nightlife, entertainment and shopping. Planning a visit with highlights of the region illustrated in colour together with basic Spanish for visitors is also included. The author of this updated guide has lived in Andalucia since 1980, and his intention is to convey his enthusiasm about the variety of the region to all travellers, whether they are individuals on a tight budget, or visitors who are looking for comfortable accommodation and good food. In addition to detailed practical information, it focuses on the uniqueness of this part of Spain and includes coverage of wildlife, history, scenery, sport, food and wines.
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